Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hey gang! I'm so very excited to announce my newly designed website

If you want to continue receiving my blog posts, head on over to and you can sign-up to my blog in two ways.

Click on the title of the blog post and at the end of the each blog you can sign-up there to get them emailed to you.
OR on the main BLOG page top right, click on "subscribe in a reader" to get the RSS feed.
Easy peasy!

While you're at it, if you want to get on my mailing list for actor updates and news, private coaching and upcoming classes....head down to the bottom of each page to sign up for that list. Don't worry, I don't send out tons of emails so you won't be getting spammy stuff from me!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the new site!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Marci,

    My name is Dylan Neal and I'm a veteran actor with a new TV series called Cedar Cove. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and was particularly interested in your entry about twitter and social media. Like you, I've been dragged kicking and screaming into this modern age of connectivity for my role on Cedar Cove. I completely agree about how useful and necessary social media is as a tool for gaining knowledge and help in a very difficult and challenging industry like ours. I wonder though, if you would be willing to share your thoughts on another twitter issue I'm frequently confronted with?

    It seems that everyone is consumed by having a large twitter following and are under the impression that the larger the following, the more activity they will experience in their career trajectory. As a series regular with a small following, I am constantly approached by individuals or companies that want to 'help me' gain massive numbers of followers. I understand that for musicians, politicians and traditional retail outlets, a large engaged following is instrumental in achieving sales and being part of the 'buzz' in the real world. I'm very hesitant though in believing that these parameters ever apply to actors being cast, as I still believe that talent and traditional casting parameters will always rule the day when it comes to getting work in our particular industry. If this weren't the case, then Kim Kardashian would be in constant demand for acting work.

    I'd be very interested in your thoughts Marci on this topic of desperately attracting huge numbers of followers in an attempt to influence your career as an actor and not as a forum for education and interaction. I just don't see an actor ever being cast in anything based on their number of followers.

    Thank you for your time Marci and thank you for your wonderful blog!